The culmination of the creativity and unique  upcycled style and design of  Fiascos and aRt27 has a new focus and gallery to inspire and excite...

The artist/creator of aRt 27 is currently operating from his home-based studio/workshop in Port Alfred, Eastern Cape and can be contacted directly by clicking



or phone +27(0)765488270

Ucycled metal& wood angle


At IMAGTNEER'S,  a second chance is given to almost every piece of wood or metal that found its way into a piece of furniture, sculpture or decor item. By using rescued metal and wood...take note...not recycling...   I enjoy the fusion of these mediums passionately.


  "A notion is an inanimate object which needs not have intrinsic value or practical utility, but which nevertheless demands attention and exercises power over those to whom it appeals. It is a completion which provides a flow of energy that gives a piece of art its power/life - though there is no scientific label for this energy".(Partly quoted: Lyle Watson)
Upcycled Bow chair
upcycled cutout metal sculpture
upcycled pallet table
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